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Murder Along the River Series



How far would you go to gain justice when a loved one has been harmed or murdered?

“The Theater Group,” with their backer, a man with ties to world governments and wealth, brings justice to criminals who beat the system.  

Will the Group survive a government mole from a task force designed to destroy them?  

Justice and Revenge will appeal to those who enjoy a story of intrigue and justice, underwritten with the dilemma of questioning right and wrong.


Holly Fox Vellekoop announces the publication of her eighth book Jon Boat Death which is her third novel in the Murder Along the River series, set in her hometown of Danville, PA. This follows her first novel STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River published by Avalon Books a division of Thomas Bouregy Publishers of NYC, and second novel TEEN LOVERS: Murder Along the River.

Jon Boat Death: Murder Along the River follows the fictional story of a drowning victim in the Susquehanna River. The reader witnesses the terrible watery accident of teenager Dwight Temple while he is on the river with friends in their jon boat. Through the pages of the novel, the reader discovers that things are not what they seem. Secrets and lies and twisted viewpoints obscure the truth of Dwight's tragic story, as is so often true of myths, folklore and just plain gossip in real life.

In Jon Boat Death, State Police Detective Thomas Sheski, as in the first two novels, is called upon to lead an investigation to solve the mystery of a body discovered in an abandoned coal mine on Montour Ridge by a horse riding club.  The body with its clues, leads back to drowning victim Dwight.

Jon Boat Death:Murder Along the River and all of Holly's novels can be purchased in paperback and eBook at

STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River ~ Book 1


TEEN LOVERS : Murder Along the River  ~ Book 2

Follow Pennsylvania State Police Detective Lieutenant Sheski as he investigates murders in Danville.

“I greatly enjoyed writing the series and attempted to entertain readers while allowing them to peer into the hearts and minds of murderers and miscreants. Along the way, good-hearted, small-town citizens make Sheski's life pleasant and worth living.”  – Holly

Lana Stahl was to meet with Mrs. Rose Stone, a Danville socialite who wanted to revitalize the historic Victorian town. But Lana finds Mrs. Stone dead. Who killed town's most important benefactor?

Lieutenant Sheski, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, must uncover all the secrets of cozy Danville to keep himself and Lana out of danger.

In 1954, the most popular couple in their senior high school class were discovered murdered under the goalposts at the school’s athletic field along the river. Their case went unsolved for decades.

To this day, Lt. Sheski remains concerned about troubling details and unresolved issues of the investigation. Who would do such a horrible, violent act?




For Grandparents, Grandchildren and Everyone in between!

This amazing Gramma shows she's got what it takes to solve mysteries, keep up with her active grandchildren and thwart criminals. Rock stars, heads of state and everyone else contact Gramma when they need help. But Gramma's not without her enemies. There are those who want to take her out in more ways than one! Oh, we can't forget, Gramma's pampered Pomeranian Sweetums and her doggie friends contribute to the story, too!


True life stories of successful people who have been inspired by the Encouragers in their lives.

"All I've accomplished has been an evolutionary process over my whole life. My earliest encouragement came from my parents. I come from an old fashioned home with both parents in the home. They instilled in my siblings and me the value of an education."   

 —Winston E. Scott, Captain, USN,

Ret. NASA Astronaut

ENCOURAGERS ~ Those Who Help Others Succeed




This well-researched book is a collection of compelling stories from parents who have had children pass away. Real people who lost a child tell how they felt and how they coped with their grief. Especially helpful is the author’s focus on what people said and did that helped and what did not.

This book contains practical methods to help grieving parents.


WATCHING CORONA ~ From Our Dimension To Yours

Debuted as a paperback at Amazon Books.

Vellekoop touches on the age-old idea that humans are abducted by “aliens” and that creatures from other worlds visit Earth on a regular basis. Vellekoop delves into the purpose of such visits and delivers a message that greed and oppression are more than human traits.